PURTIER Testimonials

PURTIER Placenta has been on the market for 8 years and there are countless testimonials all across the world. These are a few better video quality to show our true consumer after taking PURTIER Placenta. Some are very touching as it shows how much PURTIER saved their life. Many of them are part of RIWAY now and a loyal consumer.

Purtier on Colorectal Cancer & Haemorrhoids – Mr Sieh

Purtier Testimonial Mr David Yeo – Diabetes 糖尿病患

PURTIER Testimonial – Mr Say Bee – Stroke 中风, Diabetes 糖尿病患 & High Blood Pressure

Purtier Testimonial Rodney – Parkinson Disease 帕金森

Purtier Testimonial Patrick Low – High Blood Pressure 高血, Gout 痛风, Uric Acid 尿酸

Purtier Testimonial Mdm Xue Er – High Cholesterol 高胆固醇, Diabetes 糖尿病, Hair loss 头发失去, Knee problem

Purtier Testimonial Mdm Ng Ger Puay – Gastric 胃癌, Stomach 胃癌, Cancer Third Stage 第三阶段

Purtier Testimonial Jayson – Asthma 哮喘病

Purtier Testimonial Henry Leong – High Blood Pressure 高血, Stroke 中风

Purtier Testimonial Elsie – Osteoporosis 骨质疏松, Gout 痛风, Lupus 狼疮

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PURTIER Placenta Testimonial untuk Stroke Diabetes Kista Migrain Autis Turun Berat Badan Kulit Wajah Bagus


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