Happiness do not come from Health or Wealth

Do you think happiness comes from being wealthy?

Being wealthy alone will not bring happiness. Let me give you a scenario. When you are so wealthy, definitely you will own a landed property or a mansion. So when the house is so huge chances are most of the people staying in it will have lesser bonding time. Sometimes you might not even see your parents/siblings the whole day. Is there happiness? When you have 5 cars and chances siblings might still fight each other over the cars. Agree? So do you think happiness just comes solely on wealth? Think again.

So do you think happiness comes from being healthy?

You can be very very healthy but poor. Will you be happy? There are many healthy people that ain’t happy with their life because they are always complaining they got no money and the society is not giving them another chance. Some may think as long as they are healthy, they can lead a simple life. But what exactly is simple? Can you just eat bread or porridge the whole day?

How about being healthy and wealthy together?

Of course human are greedy. Human seeks for greater satisfaction whenever they attain what they want. They can never be happy with just what they have.

One can learn and grow to be successful and happy in life by following these steps on our platform.

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PURTIER Placenta September Promotion is Here!


This SEP 1st-26th 2017, RIWAY is having a promotion to celebrate our successful 3rd Quarter Leader’s Recognition Night 2017


Usual 1 Set – 7 bottles

This September Promotion now consists of 9 bottles a SET. Yes, you heard it right, it is 9 bottles in a SET for the month of SEPTEMBER 1st-26th 2017.

All Purtier Placenta Consumers, yet to be consumers and partners!

Head Quarters Grand Opening Event Promotion SEP 1st – 26th 2017

1) 1st SEP to 26th SEP: Get 1 set Purtier Placenta TOTAL 9 Bottles (SAVE $1136)

Purtier Placenta “Rolls Royce of Nutritional Supplement” just by looking at its packaging. Simple, Elegant, Luxury.

Ideal for own consumption, or as a gift to family, friends and clients.


促销 2017年9月1日 至9月26日

2) 9月1日 至9月26日: – 买1套7瓶$ 3688 送2盒免费 (价值$1136)

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Leaders Recognition Night September 2017 Is Here!

2017/3Q Leaders Recognition Night

The 2017 3rd Quarter of “Leaders Recognition Night” Is Here!

This year we achieve one breakthrough after another in 2017, which is doing it in 3 different locations! Every single recognition we always choose to position ourselves in a high level of excellence.

Without courage, one cannot achieve great opportunities that await him/her with the most desired outcome, and the key thing here is the will to try, and all hopes & dreams can become a reality of achieving great success and endless happiness.

Striving for greatness and happiness with continuous breakthroughs will not only train one’s willpower but also allow anyone to regard their own happiness seriously and as a result, fate will change indefinitely.

Why 3 different locations?

There is only one reason and the only reason. It is not that we do not want our members to be travelling around the world just to attend. They will be glad to travel for this mega event because of its ambience and energy!

BUT the main reason?

We are too big of a family to be all put in a place. There is currently no stage that can hold up so many of us in a single location! This is saddening but indeed amazing! RIWAY is now so big that we tried asking for bigger space and they are unable to meet our conditions.

RIWAY’s team grew bigger with the launch of “Conscientious” and we hit hard into the beauty world. Our beauty product is now available. Do stay tuned for the product sharing!

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RIWAY Charity Auction 2017 A Success!

RIWAY International Charity Auction 2017 was a success. Raised to a GRAND TOTAL OF 2,048,000SGD. Thanks to all the great leaders with such a big heart. Your generosity is a blessing to the needy. With a wonderful product PURTIER Placenta, RIWAY is definitely a company that contributes to the world!

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PURTIER Placenta MAY 2017 Promotion!


To celebrate the upcoming launch of RIWAY’s 2nd product in 9 years. RIWAY International will be launching a new SKINCARE Product. Please stay tuned here for more information.

MAY 1st – 31st 2017 PROMOTION

Every purchase of 1 set of PURTIER Placenta 5th Edition of 7 bottles, you will earn 2 beauty points* (WORTH $1136SGD).

Purtier Placenta “Rolls Royce of Nutritional Supplement” just by looking at its packaging. Simple, Elegant, Luxury.

Ideal for own consumption, or as a gift to family, friends and clients.

*What are Beauty Points (BP)?

Beauty points (BP) are used to exchange for the new product when it is launched during June-July 2017. One BP is worth 568SGD. Which is the same as one bottle of Purtier Placenta 5th Edition.

You may contact us for more information regarding the BP and you may exchange for PURTIER as well!

P.S.: Right now we do not have any details on the new product so If you are interested please stay tune at here for more updates!

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