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RIWAY International – Showing you the Right Way

RIWAY means “RIGHT WAY” established in Singapore during 2008, RIWAY International has then since developed in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines, because of PURTIER Placenta effectiveness, it even goes further. People have shared with many different countries like Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Hongkong, China, USA, and many other countries. RIWAY International is a company with pride and always stay focused on their 6 core values.

With these 6 core values, RIWAY International provides a platform for people who want to succeed and helps them achieve their goals and dreams. RIWAY International hope to show the right way to people with the same goal and create a direct selling enterprise with the principle of Integrity, Righteousness and Positivity.

Singapore being our base of development, with its stringent control of healthcare products and operations, RIWAY’s rapid growth under such conditions is a strong testament to our competence and credibility. RIWAY consists of a powerful network programme that can connect worldwide, management system, sales organisation, reward system as well as the heavyweight flagship product – PURTIER Placenta!

RIWAY has already developed PURTIER Placenta into its fifth edition. The excellent quality assurance of the product provides peace of mind and confidence for our consumers and distributors to consume and market the wonderful product to the world!

RIWAY International had just celebrated the last main event “Ultimate Leaders Recognition Night” of the year 2016 at Singapore Indoor Stadium with the crowd of more than 13,000. With home-grown superstar Singer “A-do” and Malaysian-born superstar Singer “Michael Wong” singing our 2 songs wrote by our Founder and President of RIWAY International Dr Lim Boon Hong.


Some other past events.

RIWAY 8th Anniversary June 2016 @ SG EXPO

RIWAY Ultimate Leaders Recognition Night Dec 2015

Who is the person behind this wonderful entrepreneurship?

It is none other than our Founder and President of RIWAY International Group, Dr Lim Boon Hong. He is born 1975, a young man with a very big goal and heart. He started RIWAY at the aged of 33. How many of us here are already past that age and did not have the vision like him? With his acute business acumen, Dr Lim Boon Hong has created a platform that helped many achieved their dreams. He also brought RIWAY International to break many records. Let’s look at his achievements.

Dr Lim Boon Hong being ranked together with Li Ka-Shing and Jack Ma is not any simple task. We have many successful business leaders in Singapore. With just 8 years old company in Singapore, with its stringent control of healthcare products and operations, Dr Lim Boon Hong is able to bring success and victory to RIWAY International Group.

Dr Lim Boon Hong has set his philosophies and goals for RIWAY International to be very simple. Just like an umbrella, where individuals not only grow and realise their dreams under it, it also helps more people who could be on the brink of losing hope to regain their faith in life. A person’s life can be totally changed by a single goal and philosophy.

Dr Lim Boon Hong is also a very talented man who composed 2 RIWAY very own songs. “Found” & “Deed” where the original is sung by our own RIWAY’s family. Listen to feel the meaningful lyrics that touches the heart of many people.

RIWAY will not become what it is today without the help of 3 other Vice-President.

Claudia Ong – Co-Founder & Vice-President of Marketing

With her unlimited creativity and strict attitude, she fervently pushes all of RIWAY’s events; sincerely putting in the effort to grow the organisation, and giving even more time and focus to nurture talents using her unlimited patience and passion to motivate staff and team members, successfully leading the team to create corporate values through a Culture of Righteousness and Virtue.

She is the person behind all RIWAY’s explosive events and RIWAY has countless events in a year. Ranging from small to big events by RIWAY International is run by Ms Claudia Ong and her team. She wanted everyone in RIWAY to feel recognise for all the hard work they have given. She truly believes that by giving is the best appreciation an organisation can express their gratitude.

Dato’ Kenny Wong – Vice President of Business Development

He is the epitome of leadership who possesses exceptional astuteness, loyalty and executive prowess. Thriving on challenges, he imbues his career with his values in life; making him a man of his words, with a strong sense of responsibility, he delivers all his promises without fail, thereby earning him respect and trust. He is an outstanding philosopher and implementer.

Ivy See – Vice President of Operations

Having over 26 years of experience in the direct selling industry, her passion for direct selling business still burns strongly as she has found her mission and fulfilment here in direct selling. The ascension of an ordinary person to the stage of success is always overwhelming her with a great sense of fulfilment and this is also her proudest worthier.

RIWAY International is not afraid of giving, it is whether you want to take it.

RIWAY International have 4 main events (Leader Recognition Night) annually, and every 2-3months there is once Leadership Training Seminars, quarterly Top Leaders Meeting, twice a year Pegasus Night. Many of these events are held overseas. It is very exciting the whole year for RIWAY International and this is what RIWAY is giving to its distributors who has worked hard enough to earn it.


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